by Monsicha Hoonsuwan
Feb 14, 2020 • Last updated: Feb 14, 2020
How to grow wealth—single-handedly

Valentine’s Day can be a special day for you too, even if you are single.

It’s the day to celebrate the love you have for life’s dearest individual…


Self-love is the foundation of all love. As famous writer Leo “Dr. Love” Buscaglia once wrote in his book Love

“To love others, you must first love yourself.”

Leo Buscaglia

On the bright side, Valentine’s Day is a great day for us singles. You don’t have to buy overvalued bouquets or pay for overpriced candle-lit dinner.

You can use this special occasion to show yourself some love, nourish your mind and body, give yourself a chance to grow and become a better person.

Warren Buffett has said in his interview,

“Ultimately, there’s one investment that supersedes all others: Invest in yourself.”

Warren Buffett

It is the only investment that isn’t taxed, doesn’t depreciation and most of all, cannot be taken away from you.

So, yes, invest in yourself. Then, invest for your future.

Maybe you can build an attractive portfolio, enough for your next match to think twice before leaving you!

On that note, we’ve hand-picked 9 wonderful companies at a fair price whose solid business fundamentals could give your portfolio a profitable boost. Let’s dive in!

Data as of February 13, 2020. Stocks included must have a Jitta Score of 5 or more and stock price below Jitta Line.


Sappe Public Company Limited (BKK:SAPPE)

Jitta Score 5.83 | Below Jitta Line 30.16%

We don’t usually get enough nutrients from our diet. Vegetable and fruit juices like FOR ONE DAY and Sappe Beauti Drink can help supplement your daily vitamins and minerals, strengthening your immune system and reducing inflammations. Besides health beverages, Sappe also manufactures dessert-drinks, instant coffee and “ZEA Max” fish snack for sale in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philipines. 

United States 

Sleep Number Corporation (NASDAQ:SNBR)

Jitta Score 6.64 | 13.49% under Jitta Line

A good sleep is a must for you to tackle brand new days. During your sleep your brain and body will repair itself, reorganize the information and effectively burn your fats while you sleep. Sleep Number Corporation, manufacturer and distributor of beds, pillows and sleeping accessories under brand, “Sleep Number,” with over 590 branches in the United States will help you get a sweet, cozy sleep you have been seeking for.


The Hour Glass Limited (SGX:AGS)

Jitta Score 6.46 | 42.09% under Jitta Line

Time is the only thing you can never earn back, but a good watch to keep track of your precious time is something you can have. The Hour Glass, a famous distributor of the legendary Cartier, Patek, Phillippe and Rolex with over 40 branches within Asia Pacific. Whether you are in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia or New Zealand they are ready to give you an exclusive watch experience with professional advice.


Dam Sen Water Park Corporation (VNM:DSN)

Jitta Score 6.55 | 33.69% under Jitta Line

A hot spot for all getaways during summer, and a short flight to Hojimin city will get you to this incredible Dam Sen Water Park that is located right in the heart of the city. This water park facilitates heart-jerking sliders to a slow cruise river-flow, for visitors to enjoy, relax and blow away their worries.

Hong Kong

Perfect Shape Medical Limited (HKG:1830)

Jitta Score 7.70 | 58.07% under Jitta Line

First thing to being a single is being in good shape, Perfect Shape Medical Limited will give you the body you have always desired with their dissolving fats technology. A full course service is provided in Hong Kong, China and Macau, however they also provide a care-package for those who don’t want to take a full course.

United Kingdom

Creightons Plc (LON:CRL)

Jitta Score 6.71 | 46.77% under Jitta Line

Now that you have your desired body, it is time to take care of your skin and hair. Creightons, under various brand aliases, is a manufacturer and distributor of skincare, perfume, soap and lotions for both men and women. They have won multiple Beauty Awards under Bambeautiful Feather & Down and The Curl Company. They also manufacture for other brands other than themselves as well.


Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. (TYO:2269)

Jitta Score 6.97 | 38.88% underBelow Jitta Line

Taking care of your inner cells by eating collagen will help your skin to be soft and tender, look younger with this famous Amino Collagen supplement from Meiji. It is well received all around, from Thai, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and second best seller in Japan. Meiji isn’t stopping here, they are inventing new products for milk, yogurt and whey protein, to help you improve your muscle.


Shanghai Rongtai Health Technology Corporation Limited (CHN:603579)

Jitta Score 6.58 | 1.04% Below Jitta Line

Tired. Want to get a massage, but don’t want a stranger’s hands touching your body ROTAI a smart electric massage chair from Shanghai Rongtai Health Technology will be your answer. They use advanced technology, power-saving and an environmentally friendly material to calm your nerves away. Own over 100 patents like massage belt, massage seat and feet massage. The products are exported to Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle-East.


Power Wind Health Industry Incorporated (TWN:8462)

Jitta Score 7.55 | 13.90% under Jitta Line

Ready to get fit with Power Wind Health Industry, or take a relaxing spa in their Fitness Factory. They have branches throughout Taiwan and also made Forbes’ list Asia’s 200 Best Under A Billion 2019. Subsidiary businesses are trampoline and bowlings for entertainment purposes.

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