by Jitta
Jan 2, 2018 • Last updated: Jan 3, 2018
    How’s the new GICS sector/industry classification system different from Thomson Reuter’s?

    After switching data provider to S&P Global Market Intelligence from Thomson Reuters on January 3, 2018, the sector and industry classification system on now follows the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS), which is a standard used by thousands of market participants around the world and is reviewed annually to reflect the changing global economy.

    As a result, your saved Jitta Playlists may now display a different sector or industry, and screening stocks may require a different sector or industry criteria as shown below or download the official brochure:

    Basic Materials Materials
    Capital Goods Industrials
    *Conglomerates classified into other sectors
    Consumer Cyclical Consumer Discretionary
    Consumer/Non-Cyclical Consumer Staples
    Energy Energy
    Financial Financials
    Healthcare Healthcare
    Real Estate
    Telecomunication Service
    Consumer Discretionary
    Technology Information Technology
    Transportation Industrials
    Utilities Utilities


    Airline Airlines
    Auto Components
    Auto & Truck Parts
    Auto & Truck Manufacturers Automobiles
    Money Center Banks
    Regional Banks
    Beverages (Nonalcoholic) Beverages
    Biotechnology & Drugs Biotechnology
    Constr. – Supplies & Fixtures
    Building Products
    Construction – Raw Materials
    Misc. Capital Goods
    Investment Services Capital Markets
    Chemicals – Plastics & Rubber
    Misc. Fabricated Products
    Fabricated Plastic & Rubber
    Chemical Manufacturing
    Printing Services
    Commercial Services and Supplies
    Printing & Publishing
    Computer Networks
    Communications Equipment
    Communications Equipment
    Construction Services Construction and Engineering
    Consumer Financial Services
    Consumer Finance
    Rental & Leasing
    Containers & Packaging Containers and Packaging
    Diversified Consumer Services
    Personal Services
    Waste Management Services
    Misc. Financial Services Diversified Financial Services
    Electric Utilities Electric Utilities
    Electronic Instr. & Controls Electronic Equipment, Instruments and Components
    Oil Well Services & Equipment Energy Equipment and Services
    Retail (Grocery) Food and Staples Retailing
    Food Products
    Food Processing
    Natural Gas Utilities Gas Utilities
    Medical Equipment & Supplies Health Care Equipment and Supplies
    Healthcare Facilities Health Care Providers and Services
    Recreational Activities
    Hotels, Restaurants and Leisure
    Hotels & Motels
    Furniture & Fixtures
    Household Durables
    Office Supplies
    Personal & Household Prods.
    Insurance (Prop. & Casualty)
    Insurance (Miscellaneous)
    Insurance (Life)
    Retail (Catalog & Mail Order)
    Internet and Direct Marketing Retail
    Retail (Technology)
    Computer Services IT Services
    Recreational Products Leisure Products
    Water Transportation Marine
    Broadcasting & Cable TV
    Motion Pictures
    Gold & Silver
    Metals and Mining
    Iron & Steel
    Metal Mining
    Retail (Department & Discount) Multiline Retail
    Oil & Gas – Integrated
    Oil, Gas and Consumable Fuels
    Oil & Gas Operations
    Forestry & Wood Products Paper and Forest Products
    Major Drugs Pharmaceuticals
    Business Services Professional Services
    Real Estate Operations Real Estate Management and Development
    Trucking Road and Rail
    Semiconductors Semiconductors and Semiconductor Equipment
    Software & Programming Software
    Retail (Home Improvement)
    Specialty Retail
    Retail (Specialty)
    Office Equipment
    Technology Hardware, Storage and Peripherals
    Computer Hardware
    Computer Peripherals
    Appliance & Tool
    Textiles, Apparel and Luxury Goods
    Jewelry & Silverware
    Textiles – Non Apparel
    Retail (Apparel)
    Misc. Transportation Transportation Infrastructure
    Water Utilities Water Utilities
    Communications Services Wireless Telecommunication Services
    *Conglomerates classified into other industries
    • Conglomerate companies which are diversified across three or more sectors or none of them contributes the majority of income are classified as Industrial Conglomerates sub-industry (Industrials Sector) or Multi-Sector Holdings sub-industry (Financials Sector).