May 23, 2017 • Last updated: Feb 15, 2018
    How long does it take Jitta to update its Jitta Score, Jitta Line and statements in FactSheet and Financial pages?

    Once a company has released its financial statements, Jitta mainly receives the financial statement data from S&P Global Market Intelligence. After a company has officially released its statements, we have to wait forS&P Global Market Intelligence to update and send them to us before we can add new statements in FactSheet and Financial pages, and then recalculate Jitta Score and Jitta Line.

    For the stocks in the main market, it usually takes no more than 1 week after official release. For other stocks, it can be sooner or later up to the importance and the size of a certain stock’s market cap. Mostly, it takes less than 1 month after the statements are release.