May 23, 2017 • Last updated: May 23, 2017
    Why some stocks show the quarterly data in advance?

    For example, in May, its Factsheet page has shown the 3rd quarter data even though only the 1st quarter data has been released. That’s because a company’s fiscal year doesn’t necessarily follow a calendar year. When looking at the quarterly statements, you must take note when the company closes its book in order to track their data correctly.

    For example, for a company whose fiscal year ends in June, its first quarter account will be closed in September, its second quarter account will be closed in December, its third quarter account will be closed in March, and its annual account will be closed in June. That’s why, in May, the company has already closed its third quarter account and released its financial statements to the public. (On Jitta’s Factsheet page, each company’s fiscal year will be shown at the end so that investors can accurately understand each number.) You can be assured that Jitta ranks every stock based on the latest quarterly data by each company’s fiscal year, and always shows the current Jitta Score and Jitta Line (by calendar year).