May 23, 2017 • Last updated: May 23, 2017
    How do I know when was Jitta Score and Jitta Line last updated?

    You can see the latest update date of Jitta Score and Jitta Line by move your mouse over Jitta Score on both Summary and Browse pages. Also, there’re many other easy ways to check as followed:

    1. On FactSheet: In the lower left table, revenue and earnings per share for each quarter will be shown. Jitta updates them by the data we have. So, if you see the data up to Q2 2014, that means the latest update of Jitta Score and Jitta Line came from the financial statements from the previous years up to the Q2 2014 data.
    2. On Financial: The date of the financial statements we used is shown on the top of the table, both annually and quarterly. If you want to know the latest statements used, please select Quarterly and look at the leftmost table. You’ll see “3 months ending 2014-06-30”. That means the current Jitta Score and Jitta Line were updated using the statements which were closed on June 30, 2014.
    3. Financial Update Email: If you have followed a stock, once the company has reported its latest data, Jitta will update its Jitta Score and Jitta Line and send you an email which tells you the update date and the financial statement used.

    You can see that Financial Update email offers complete and easy information. I recommend that if you’re interested in a stock, you should follow it because you’ll always have record of how that company has changed over time starting from the Follow date.