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  • Investment Principles
    Rule No. 1: Don’t make a Loss
    When I first started driving, my mom would always remind me not to drive too fast. She would say the traveling time between driving at a 100 km/hr speed and 120 km/hr is not that different. ...
  • Stock Analysis
    How are Funds different from Jitta?
    I let the fund manager of JP Morgan take a look at Jitta. Turns out that Jitta’s matrix is almost opposite from the fund’s. For example, the good Thai stocks with high Jitta Scores like BEC ...
  • Investment Principles
    An Investment that we can Hold for 25 Years
    Investing in a good company at a reasonable price can grow your money from $9,000 to $4,400,000 without you buying or selling its stock throughout 25 years (this is a compound return of 28.2...