by Jitta
Apr 5, 2017 • Last updated: Apr 15, 2017
An Investment Perspective of the TUF Business

One of his strategies is to invest in other companies, both domestic and overseas (they have been doing this for quite some time now). K. Thiraphong has said that in investing in other businesses, one must have an investment discipline, and that there is no reason to invest if the return is less than 10%, because we invest to earn returns, not because we simply just want it.

Of course, the reason that I bring this up is to emphasize again that investing in stocks is not that different from business. Every time we invest, we should feel confident that our returns would exceed 10% per year.

Anyone who has studied Jitta 101 would know that I really emphasize on this matter, and have explained the reasoning and thinking behind the fact that one must gain at least a 10% return per year.

It is the investment perspective based on the business that is used in evaluating the value of different businesses, resulting in the Jitta Line that everyone uses (based on the notion that if we invested in this businesses, we need to break even within 10 years). Therefore, I am confident that Jitta can effectively evaluate businesses’ quality based on a business perspective, free from the confusion and speculations of the stock market.

(Of course, Warren Buffett himself invests under this very principle. For those of you who haven’t read “Investing in Stocks is like Investing in Real Estate”, please do so if you have time).