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  • Jitta Ranking Returns
    Returns of Jitta Ranking 2021 win most stock markets
    The 2021 was amid the Covid-19 pandemic that has yet to disappear. Meanwhile, stock markets around the world recovered with a sloppiness. You can find out why returns of Jitta Ranking won st...
  • Algorithms Updates
    Jitta releases 4.0 algorithm update for picking wonderful stocks with less risks
    Jitta updates new algorithm 4.0 version for the investment year 2022 to analyze in financial statement over the last 12 months and arrange precisely in Jitta Ranking.
  • New Features
    Sweden, Malaysia and Indonesia Stock Data Now Available on Jitta
    3 new markets – Sweden, Malaysia and Indonesia are now available on Jitta, let’s explore them! Jitta’s stock analysis has served 19 countries.
  • Investment Principles
    Stock Investment is like Real Estate Investment
    Warren Buffett has written concepts of investing in real estate, which were adapted from the principle of “buying good businesses in suitable prices”, where he uses throughout hi...
  • Investment Principles
    Rule No. 1: Don’t make a Loss
    When I first started driving, my mom would always remind me not to drive too fast. She would say the traveling time between driving at a 100 km/hr speed and 120 km/hr is not that different. ...
  • Investment Principles
    Mr. Market
    Ben Graham, the legendary father in value investing, taught Warren Buffett and many after him about the stock market and what smart investors should do to in order to profit from the market ...
  • Investment Principles
    Learn from Past Investment Mistakes
    What investors should do at the beginning of each year is to evaluate their investment in the prior year, how well they performed, whether they met their target, and what mistakes they made ...
  • Jitta: Our Mission and Vision
    We received a very interesting question about Jitta’s vision and the effect of the increased amount of users of Jitta, so I’d like to casually address them in this post.
  • Jitta Mantras
    Warren Buffet’s principle, “Buy a wonderful company at a fair price,” is the most simple and successful concept to build your long-term wealth. Born from this philosophy, Jitta strives to pr...
  • Investment Strategies
    Jitta 101 Infographic
    In the past, investing in Warren Buffett’s style seems quite difficult for people who have just entered into the stock market, because despite reading many books on the subject, it is diffic...
  • Investment Strategies
    Investing in Growth Stocks Using Jitta
    One of our users raised a point, whether Jitta is too slow for finding Growth Stocks or not. This is a very good question, so we decided to address it in this article.
  • Investment Principles
    Calculating High Low Price in each year using PE
    One valuable information on the Jitta FactSheet that is often overlooked is the stock price -more precisely, the highest and lowest price in each year (It is the number in the High Low line,...
  • Portfolio Management
    Calculating investment proportions with Loss Chance
    When investors discover good businesses that are undervalued, and they are ready to invest in said businesses, one question that always arise is, “How much of our portfolio proportion ...
  • Investment Principles
    An Investment Perspective of the TUF Business
    It is the investment perspective based on the business that is used in evaluating the value of different businesses, resulting in the Jitta Line that everyone uses (based on the notion that ...
  • Investment Strategies
    Follow these 5 steps to prepare your investments for an impending crisis
    Here are what investors should do when they feel that the market is way more expensive than what it should be.