by Sirirat Sirithamsakda
Dec 21, 2022 • Last updated: Jan 12, 2023
Jitta Algorithm Version 5.0 Exploring New Opportunities

The year 2022 is almost coming to the end after drifting through various hardships. For some of you, this year might have been tough and your investment may not be as easy as planned.

In 2022, stock markets around the world are highly volatile. Money is pulled out from the financial market. Many investors choose to hold cash instead of investing and hope for the upturn. 

But if you’ve studied the principles of value investing, you’ll know that times like this are a sought-for opportunity to invest in wonderful stocks at lower prices that will skyrocket your returns through the roof in the long run.

Jitta is committed to making your investments easier. We develop a stock analysis platform and update the algorithm every year to help filter ‘Wonderful stocks at fair prices’ according to the value investment principle by analyzing the past 10 years of financial statements and calculating the Jitta Ranking. 

This year, Jitta has expanded its stock analysis platform to include 29 stock markets from around the world. Thus we make Jitta the largest stock analysis platform in the world.

In 2023, The new algorithm update will adjust the IPO (Initial Public Offering) stock scoring method to be more detailed and flexible than ever and help you see better investment opportunities in newly listed IPO stocks. 

New Algorithm … more detailed and flexible 

Some VI investors avoid investing in IPO stocks because there is little historical financial information to analyze. Therefore, accurate calculations of investment returns and risks are difficult. 

The AI of Jitta platform also uses the same principles to mitigate risks. That is why you won’t see many newly IPO stocks rank at the top of Jitta Ranking. 

Normally, Jitta will apply discount points to IPO stocks that have just been traded for less than 2 years to mitigate risks at this point. 

Previously, this discount will gradually disappear year by year as the risk decreases as more financial statements are released for AI to analyze. 

With the new algorithm, the discount on IPO points will gradually disappear day by day instead of yearly. When that stock is registered for trading for 2 years, all discount points will disappear.

Adjusting the algorithm like this will make calculating the Jitta Score of IPO stocks more detailed and flexible. This may help you find more investment opportunities in ‘good quality IPO stocks at reasonable price’  from the Jitta as well. 

In other areas, the algorithm will remain the same as in version 4.0 that we announced in early 2022. You can read the details of Jitta algorithm 4.0 here

New algorithm updates on the platform will happen automatically after the Stock Market of Thailand closes on December 30, 2022 then all updated information will be available to you on January 1, 2023.

Algorithms that works in all conditions

In 2022, the stock markets are volatile. If you are new to the stock market, it is not unusual to be concerned about the investment this year. 

We know your concerns but what we want you to focus on is development of investment principles to get the best long term returns instead of focusing on hustling for annual returns to beat the market index. 

Jitta learns how to develop algorithms during both stock market ups and downs to find out where we can develop algorithms and create accurate analytical approaches in any market conditions. 

We want you to be confident that whether the market is good or bad, the Jitta platform will continue to use the data received each year to develop algorithms that help you get better and better returns on your investments in the simple way. 

If you can focus on the right investment methods to generate good returns in the long run rather than accelerating the short term returns that fluctuate according to the market sentiment. You will definitely be happier and enjoy investing more. 

Jitta will update historical returns and stock lists in to match the new algorithm. At the same time, it will archive the stock list and the original return for comparison between the old and the new algorithm for a period of 1 year. 

Jitta will continue to follow our mission. Thanks to all investors from around the world for their continued support. Jitta’s technology development team will continue for the best interest of all investors.

Jitta, also known as Jitta Dot Com Company Limited is Thai WealthTech startup to design and develop the stock analysis platform, covering more than 20 countries. The company was established in 2012. 

Jitta Wealth Asset Management Company Limited is the first WealthTech startup to manage private funds. As a part of Jitta, the company was founded in 2018 and given the private fund license from the Finance Ministry. Jitta Wealth is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of Thailand.

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