• Jitta Ranking Returns
    Jitta Ranking vs Global Stock Market Indices 2022 Who Wins…Who Loses?
    Jitta Ranking vs Global Stock Indices 2022 who wins and who loses? Let’s see the dual!
  • Algorithms Updates
    Jitta Algorithm Version 5.0 Exploring New Opportunities
    Jitta updated new algorithm version 5.0 for 2023, increasing investment opportunities by calculating IPO stocks more precisely. Let’s see how the calculation will look …
  • New Features
    3 New Stock Markets are Now Available on Jitta 
    Jitta has recently adds 3 new stock markets to our platform. Get to know and look at the returns for the past 13 years of Spanish, Danish, and Israeli stock markets.
  • New Features
    7 New Markets Now Available on Jitta Stock Analysis
    Jitta just added 7 new stock markets on Jitta stock analysis platform. Know all these countries and explore proven backtest returns for 13 years.
  • Jitta Ranking Returns
    Returns of Jitta Ranking 2021 win most stock markets
    The 2021 was amid the Covid-19 pandemic that has yet to disappear. Meanwhile, stock markets around the world recovered with a sloppiness. You can find out why returns of Jitta Ranking won st...
  • Algorithms Updates
    Jitta releases 4.0 algorithm update for picking wonderful stocks with less risks
    Jitta updates new algorithm 4.0 version for the investment year 2022 to analyze in financial statement over the last 12 months and arrange precisely in Jitta Ranking.
  • New Features
    Sweden, Malaysia and Indonesia Stock Data Now Available on Jitta
    3 new markets – Sweden, Malaysia and Indonesia are now available on Jitta, let’s explore them! Jitta’s stock analysis has served 19 countries.
  • Jitta Ranking Returns
    Jitta Ranking 2020 Performance in 13 Stock Markets
    2020 Report of Jitta Ranking Performance from 13 stock markets amid the Covid-19 pandemic. We reveal the ranking’s returns by different periods – 1, 5, 10 and 12 years.
  • Algorithms Updates
    Jitta Updates Algorithm with Increased Analytical Precision for New-Normal Investing
    The main upgrades concern the Jitta Line valuation algorithm as well as the Jitta Score and Jitta Line calculations for technology stocks.
  • New! Jitta Signs and Jitta Factors Update 2020
    In addition to Jitta Score, Jitta Signs and Jitta Factors have been used by investors to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of a business. While Jitta Score indicates an overall quality...
  • Jitta Ranking Returns 2019
    Happy New Year 2020! Every year, we reveal Jitta Ranking Top 30 returns to show how the selected stocks performed last year. This year is no difference, and we have so many exciting things t...
  • Algorithms Updates
    Hello 2020: New Decade Brings Exciting Updates from Jitta
    As 2019 draws to an end, I hope you’ve been able to achieve all the things you’ve set out to do this year. Having goals and gradually improving yourself to achieve them is a healthy thing, n...
  • Jitta Ranking Returns
    Jitta Ranking 2018 Performance
    At the beginning of each new year, it’s been our tradition to show you last year’s Jitta Ranking performance. This year is no difference, just more special. Because we’ve got a full 10-year’...
  • Jitta Ranking Returns
    Jitta Ranking 2017 Performance
    The beginning of each year marks a long-awaited occasion, during which we reveal the performance of Jitta Ranking Top 20 stocks. Jitta Ranking is our proprietary stock-ranking algorithm that...
  • Algorithms Updates
    Ring in the New Year with Access to the Most Comprehensive Financial Data on Jitta
    Happy new year! For us, a new year means the start of new challenges that will nudge us further toward our mission of helping you generate better investment returns. We’ve developed a suite ...
  • Try the new Jitta.com for faster, more personalized and more precise investing
    The new Jitta.com boasts a sleeker look, faster load time, and more sophisticated algorithm that will help you make even better investment decisions.
  • Tutorials
    FAQ: New Jitta Portfolio (Beta)
    What’s new on Jitta Portfolio (Beta)? We’ve created Jitta Portfolio (Beta) to make tracking investment returns and improving your investment strategy easier. Especially, if you’re already in...
  • Tutorials
    Tutorial: Stock Summary
    Get a quick overview of any stocks with this widget. You can look back over the past ten years and see trends in Jitta Score, Jitta Line and stock price. Also on display are a Loss Chance an...
  • Tutorials
    Tutorial: Jitta Playlist
    Get a head start on your investment journey with our stock screener through one intelligent tool: Jitta Playlist. You can use Jitta Playlist to look for stocks with the exact qualities you d...
  • Tutorials
    Tutorial: Explore by Country
    A random search for stocks would be clear by using this feature. Explore by Country is where you’ll find Jitta Ranking for each country’s stock exchanges. Choosing stocks from the lists prov...
  • Tutorials
    Tutorial: Stock Search
    To get on the path of successful investment, you have to buy a wonderful company at a fair price. The most simple method is to use Search Bar feature to search for individual stock by compan...
  • Tutorials
    # 4 : Learning from your past investments
    One thing that can help us improve our investment is continuous learning, especially finding explanations as to why our past investment has profited and lost, what were the components and fa...
  • Tutorials
    # 3 : Tracking your Results
    In this article, we will discuss something very simple, yet overlooked by many, and is actually a very important process in any work setting, including in investing: tracking your results.
  • Tutorials
    # 2 : Asset Allocation
    In this article, we will look at another important aspect of investment. It’s Asset Allocation -how should we diversify our investments in different stocks?
  • Tutorials
    # 1 : Portfolio Management
    As promised, I have written this article to explain concepts on how to look at our investments in the big picture, in terms of looking at the Portfolio to better understand investment and th...
  • Jitta Financial Planner
    Investing successfully is no different from working successfully in any other field. We need to have a set goal and a plan before we start investing, so that we are focused on what type of b...
  • Jitta Alert – Your Useful Personal Assistance
    Jitta Alert is now open for everyone. After being used for a while now by Jitta beta users, today, Jitta Alert is ready for everyone to try.
  • United Kingdom stock data now available on Jitta
    Start browsing almost 2,000 stocks on the London Stock Exchange on Jitta today. All listed companies have been ranked by Jitta Ranking to help you identify a “wonderful company at a fair pri...
  • Algorithms Updates
    Jitta algorithm enhancement
    Jitta has been discussing closely with top notch Value Investors to get the feedbacks. Meanwhile, our team has been working hard to improve Jitta Score and Jitta Line to be the best and more...