• 12 years of Jitta Transforming Thai Finance with Smart Tech Solutions
    Celebrating 12 years of Jitta, advancing technology to solve Thai people’s financial crises for automatic savings and investments accessible to everyone.
  • 11 years of Jitta, making financial well-being possible for all
    11 years of Jitta, we have remained steadfast in our original mission and we will continue to move forward.
  • A Decade-strong Foothold of Thai Fintech-Jitta and Jitta Wealth
    Every step of Thai fintech startup-Jitta and Jitta Wealth from developing technologies to analyze good fundamental stocks around the world to becoming an asset management company that manag...
  • CEO Trawut Luangsomboon selected to be honoree of Gen. T Leader of Tomorrow and The Future List 2020
    Through the invention of new investment products and strategies that open equal opportunity for everyone to grow their wealth. Mr. Trawut leadership and skills captivated the likes of Genera...
  • Jitta: Solutions for Peaceful and Profitable Investments
    Who is Jitta and how can Jitta’s innovations help make life more secure and peaceful for investors around the world?
  • Beacon VC leads $6.5 million investment in Jitta, bolstering Thailand’s WealthTech solutions
    Beacon VC leads a funding round of $6.5 million for Jitta. The funding round, which is the biggest pre-series A round for a Thai startup, will help promote innovation in the country’s Wealth...
  • Jitta: Our Mission and Vision
    We received a very interesting question about Jitta’s vision and the effect of the increased amount of users of Jitta, so I’d like to casually address them in this post.
  • Jitta Mantras
    Warren Buffet’s principle, “Buy a wonderful company at a fair price,” is the most simple and successful concept to build your long-term wealth. Born from this philosophy, Jitta strives to pr...