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Feb 20, 2019 • Last updated: Jan 12, 2023
Jitta: Solutions for Peaceful and Profitable Investments


  • Jitta is Thailand’s leading WealthTech startup and a long-term investment evangelist, developing algorithms that analyze stock fundamentals and fair values to help people invest in “a wonderful company at a fair price” per Warren Buffett’s value-investing maxim.
  • Jitta operates, an online platform providing free fundamental stock analysis, and Jitta Wealth, an automated stock-investment fund.
  • analyzes 50,000 stocks in 16 territories based on 10 years of financial reports and develops Jitta Ranking that list stocks according to their fundamentals and value. Sign up free at
  • Jitta Wealth adapts Jitta Ranking into an automated investment strategy due to its proven long-term market-beating record. Request more information at (Thai only).

From left: 1) Sira Sajjinanont, CTO, Jitta 2) Trawut Luangsomboon, CEO & co-founder, Jitta 3) Kattiya Indaravijaya, President, Kasikornbank 4) Suvabha Charoenying, Vice Chairman, Thai Financial Planners Association 5) Pornthip Kongchun, COO, Jitta 6) Thanapong Na Ranong, Managing Director, Beacon Venture Capital

Beacon Venture Capital, a corporate venture capital arm of Kasikornbank (SET: KBANK), leads a $6.5 million funding for Jitta on February 13, 2019, which is the biggest pre-series A round for a Thai startup.

According to Thanapong Na Ranong, Managing Director, Beacon Venture Capital, Beacon VC sees a lot of growth potential for wealth-management technology, or WealthTech, in which Jitta has “exhibited the most outstanding capability to develop such technology” and is confident in “the expertise of Jitta’s co-founders and team and, particularly, their strong commitment to bring genuine value to their customers.”


Jitta is Thailand’s leading WealthTech startup and a long-term investment evangelist, with a mission to help investors achieve better returns in a simpler way. Jitta develops algorithms that translate financial data into easy summaries of stock fundamentals and fair values to help investors find “a wonderful company at a fair price” per Warren Buffett’s value-investing maxim. That paves the way to an automated stock-investment fund, through which anyone can begin investing promptly and effectively.

Jitta was co-founded by Trawut Luangsomboon, an Internet entrepreneur and value investor; Sira Sajjinanont, a software engineer with 17 years of experience; and Pornthip Kongchun, a former executive at Google with expertise in international business development. In January 2014, Jitta debuted the stock analysis platform with free U.S. stock data. More countries have since been added to the platform, and Jitta now covers 95% of the world’s stocks across 16 territories.

Since launch, Jitta has spent years back- and forward-testing Jitta’s stock-ranking algorithm, Jitta Ranking, and found that it can outperform market indices in the long run. Consequently, in 2016, a number of asset management firms have started offering the Jitta Ranking strategy to their clients. Total assets under management using the strategy have reached more than 2,200 million baht.

Building on that momentum, Jitta plans to unveil its own automated stock-investment fund Jitta Wealth after receiving a private fund license, currently pending approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Jitta Wealth is designed for modern investors, leveraging the latest technology to lower costs, maximize returns, outperform the market in the long run and simplify international diversification through a full-fledged online service.


Jitta develops algorithms that analyze stocks in 16 territories on behalf of active investors looking to manage their own portfolios and an automated stock-investment fund for passive investors preferring better long-term returns through a hands-off approach.

Jitta’s web-based, all-in-one solution for active investors working to improve their long-term returns. The platform provides fundamental analyses of stocks in 16 territories and an array of functions to support each step of the investment journey: from discovering “a wonderful company at a fair price” quickly with Jitta Ranking to understanding a company’s health and value with Jitta Score and Jitta Line. also provides 10 years and 10 quarters of financial data and a portfolio feature that offers insightful details for strategic optimization. All for free. has more than 200,000 users from 128 countries.

Interested individuals can sign up at for instant access to free stock data or learn how Jitta can help their investments at Jitta Classroom.

Jitta Wealth*

Jitta’s automated stock-investment fund employs Jitta Ranking as an investment strategy, due to its proven long-term market-beating record. It’s suitable for passive investors who desire higher-than-market returns but lacking the time or the expertise to invest themselves. Through a private fund service, Jitta Wealth automated investing technology systematically analyzes, trades, diversifies and rebalances stocks to eliminate all human biases. Minimized trading and technology-led operations keep the costs down—only 0.5% management fee and 10% performance fee—and pass on those savings to the customers, contributing to even better returns in the end. Investors can choose to invest in Thailand, Vietnam or the U.S. without worrying about legalities or international red tape because everything can easily be completed online.

Jitta Wealth is tentatively set to launch in the 2nd quarter of 2019. Interested individuals can request more information and updates about the service at (Thai only).

*Jitta Wealth Asset Management is in the process of applying for a private fund license from Thailand’s SEC. Currently, Jitta Dot Com Co., Ltd. provides investment advice, stock analysis and an automated portfolio management system at no charge.


  • 2015 Most Investment Worthy – Start It Up Award 2015
  • 2016 Start-up of the Year – National Innovation Day 2016
  • 2018Companies to Action – 2018 Frost & Sullivan Thailand Excellence Awards