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  • Investment Principles
    The PDCA of Investing
    Investing successfully is not all that different from operating a business successfully (or doing other things successfully).
  • Tutorials
    # 4 : Learning from your past investments
    One thing that can help us improve our investment is continuous learning, especially finding explanations as to why our past investment has profited and lost, what were the components and fa...
  • Tutorials
    # 3 : Tracking your Results
    In this article, we will discuss something very simple, yet overlooked by many, and is actually a very important process in any work setting, including in investing: tracking your results.
  • Tutorials
    # 2 : Asset Allocation
    In this article, we will look at another important aspect of investment. It’s Asset Allocation -how should we diversify our investments in different stocks?
  • Tutorials
    # 1 : Portfolio Management
    As promised, I have written this article to explain concepts on how to look at our investments in the big picture, in terms of looking at the Portfolio to better understand investment and th...
  • Investment Strategies
    Follow these 5 steps to prepare your investments for an impending crisis
    Here are what investors should do when they feel that the market is way more expensive than what it should be.