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  • 3 New Stock Markets are Now Available on Jitta 
    Jitta has recently adds 3 new stock markets to our platform. Get to know and look at the returns for the past 13 years of Spanish, Danish, and Israeli stock markets.
  • Algorithms Updates
    Jitta releases 4.0 algorithm update for picking wonderful stocks with less risks
    Jitta updates new algorithm 4.0 version for the investment year 2022 to analyze in financial statement over the last 12 months and arrange precisely in Jitta Ranking.
  • New Features
    Sweden, Malaysia and Indonesia Stock Data Now Available on Jitta
    3 new markets – Sweden, Malaysia and Indonesia are now available on Jitta, let’s explore them! Jitta’s stock analysis has served 19 countries.
  • Jitta Ranking Returns
    Jitta Ranking 2020 Performance in 13 Stock Markets
    2020 Report of Jitta Ranking Performance from 13 stock markets amid the Covid-19 pandemic. We reveal the ranking’s returns by different periods – 1, 5, 10 and 12 years.
  • Algorithms Updates
    Jitta Updates Algorithm with Increased Analytical Precision for New-Normal Investing
    The main upgrades concern the Jitta Line valuation algorithm as well as the Jitta Score and Jitta Line calculations for technology stocks.
  • Investment Strategies, Stock Analysis
    The Origin and Concept of the Jitta Score
    There are many who are curious about the Jitta Score. How high should the score be to qualify as an attractive investment?
  • Investment Principles
    Stock Investment is like Real Estate Investment
    Warren Buffett has written concepts of investing in real estate, which were adapted from the principle of “buying good businesses in suitable prices”, where he uses throughout hi...
  • Investment Principles
    Principles of Buying and Selling Stocks
    In the business world, when management sells a business in its group, it means that that subsidiary is performing badly or is not making any profit. This is so that they can reduce the group...
  • Investment Principles
    Mr. Market
    Ben Graham, the legendary father in value investing, taught Warren Buffett and many after him about the stock market and what smart investors should do to in order to profit from the market ...
  • Investment Principles
    Learn from Past Investment Mistakes
    What investors should do at the beginning of each year is to evaluate their investment in the prior year, how well they performed, whether they met their target, and what mistakes they made ...
  • Jitta: Our Mission and Vision
    We received a very interesting question about Jitta’s vision and the effect of the increased amount of users of Jitta, so I’d like to casually address them in this post.
  • Tutorials
    # 3 : Tracking your Results
    In this article, we will discuss something very simple, yet overlooked by many, and is actually a very important process in any work setting, including in investing: tracking your results.
  • Tutorials
    # 2 : Asset Allocation
    In this article, we will look at another important aspect of investment. It’s Asset Allocation -how should we diversify our investments in different stocks?
  • Tutorials
    # 1 : Portfolio Management
    As promised, I have written this article to explain concepts on how to look at our investments in the big picture, in terms of looking at the Portfolio to better understand investment and th...
  • Investment Strategies
    Investing in Dividend Stocks #2
    Good investments is not just holding onto stocks in the long-run, but it is a constant monitoring of the company’s performance. Before, this is a quite hard task, so the given advice was to ...
  • Investment Strategies
    Immunity Against Bad News
    In the world of investment, bad news that affect the stock market often create good investment opportunities for us. The main job for investors in times of bad news is to analyze how that pi...
  • Stock Analysis
    How is Loss Chance Beneficial?
    From question, “How is Loss Chance beneficial in selecting your investments?” I have written this article to further explain the application of Loss Chance.
  • Investment Principles
    How can investors foresee the future?
    One question that I often receive is, as Jitta shows data from only the past to the present, how can we be sure that the stock we invested in will still have a good Jitta Score and Jitta Lin...
  • Stock Analysis
    How are Funds different from Jitta?
    I let the fund manager of JP Morgan take a look at Jitta. Turns out that Jitta’s matrix is almost opposite from the fund’s. For example, the good Thai stocks with high Jitta Scores like BEC ...
  • Stock Analysis
    Finding the Source of Revenue
    Aside from using the Jitta Score and Jitta Line to assist in investing, one thing investors should do is read the company’s annual report they plan to invest in.
  • Investment Strategies
    Choosing to Invest in Dividend Stocks
    As for the functions that can help select different stocks, Jitta is now working on the Jitta Screener for investors to select stocks based on their own different Criteria. For example, sele...
  • Portfolio Management
    Case Study: Diversifying Risk in Investment
    This is a case study of the factory fire incident at SVI, in which the damage had not been clearly assessed, causing the stock price to fall more than 34% within 2 days. It made me think of ...
  • Investment Principles
    Calculating High Low Price in each year using PE
    One valuable information on the Jitta FactSheet that is often overlooked is the stock price -more precisely, the highest and lowest price in each year (It is the number in the High Low line,...
  • Investment Strategies
    Follow these 5 steps to prepare your investments for an impending crisis
    Here are what investors should do when they feel that the market is way more expensive than what it should be.
  • Algorithms Updates
    Jitta algorithm enhancement
    Jitta has been discussing closely with top notch Value Investors to get the feedbacks. Meanwhile, our team has been working hard to improve Jitta Score and Jitta Line to be the best and more...